Congratulations on buying a new Energizer mobilephone!

You can now enjoy 3-year warranty coverage


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Extended warranty coverage

We offer three (3) years of manufacturer warranty coverage starting from the date of purchase of your Energizer mobile phone. To enjoy your extended warranty coverage, we invite you to register your phone on this website within 30 days of purchasing it. You will receive a confirmation by email.


Terms & conditions

The Energizer mobile phones covered by the extension of warranty are listed on the registration website.

Warranty coverage ends 3 years after the day of the purchase of the mobile phone, if the beneficiary has registered the mobile phone within 30 days of purchasing it.


Warranty exclusions

The following claims are not covered by warranty (non-exhaustive list):

- beneficiaries who did not register their mobile phone within thirty (30) days of purchase

- non-compliance with the instructions and warnings regarding the mobile phones

- non-conservation of the mobile phone in an appropriate environment

- claims concerning the batteries or any external parts

- claims notifications received more than thirty (30) days after the date of breakdown

- breakdowns occurring because of an accidental damage or oxidation

- breakdowns occurring after the coverage period


Quick and easy registration

The registration of your phone, required to benefit from the manufacturer's warranty extension, must be completed online on this site. To help you save time, please prepare the following information about the mobile phone:

  • IMEI number
  • Copy of the invoice


How to claim warranty

In case of a breakdown, a claim notification must be filled out on this website within thirty (30) days of the malfunction. Shipping costs to the nearest service centre remain at your expense. Please be sure to attach to your package the claim form duly completed on the site along with the invoice and the accessories sold with the phone.